Our Services:



Wedding / Event DJ:

We can provide Music for any event, with a massive music collection of almost 200,000 songs and counting! We also have a large library of karaoke titles as well.


P.A. Sound Reenforcement:

We can provide P.A. setups from small 1 mic, mixer, and speakers, to 32 channels, with floor monitors, 100 foot snake, etc. We can also do small multi-P.A. setups for larger events.


Multitrack Audio Recording:

We can record up to 16 tracks simultaneously, with up to 24 bit, 96k quality, at any live concert or event, using our state of the art, custom built Linux based DAW.


Multi cam HD Recording, Streaming:

We can proving up to 4 inputs (able to expand to 6), of any SD or HD feed, from a camera, game console, computer, etc., liveswitched, and recording/streaming at up 1080p.